🐇 Russian Bot Beats ChatGPT & India's AI Surge

Step into The Rabbit Hole for a whirlwind tour of AI supremacy battles and a nation’s giant leap toward becoming an AI powerhouse.

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🇷🇺 Is Russia's AI Bot The New Champ?
🏗️ Roblox Assistant - The New Sidekick for Virtual World-Builders
💦 ChatGPT's Hydro-Powered Secret Base in Iowa
🇮🇳 NVIDIA Joins Indian Titans to Propel AI
🖐️ Amazon One - The Future of Palm-Payments Arrives at Whole Foods
🐦 Hottest Tweets
🧰 How to Clone & Use Anyone’s Voice With AI
🤏 The Curator’s Picks

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🗞️ Hottest News

1. 🇷🇺 Is Russia's AI Bot The New Champ?

YandexGPT, a Russian AI bot developed by Yandex, is said to outperform the well-known ChatGPT in English and Russian, leaving experts to ponder on the evolving capabilities of these AI chatbots.

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2. 🏗️ Roblox Assistant - The New Sidekick for Virtual World-Builders

Roblox is set to release the Roblox Assistant, a chatbot designed to aid creators in building stunning virtual worlds. While it promises a realm of possibilities, some worry it may eclipse the human element.

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3. 💦 ChatGPT's Hydro-Powered Secret Base in Iowa

OpenAI’s state-of-the-art language model, GPT-4, was developed in a secret Iowa lab using water from local rivers for cooling. It highlights the resource-intensive nature of cutting-edge AI tech.

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4. 🇮🇳 NVIDIA Joins Indian Titans to Propel AI

NVIDIA collaborates with Indian Giants, Reliance Industries and Tata Group, to boost India's AI ecosystem. Focusing on sectors like healthcare and agriculture, this partnership aims to make India a global AI behemoth.

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5. 🖐️ Amazon One - The Future of Palm-Payments Arrives at Whole Foods

Amazon is rolling out its innovative palm-payment technology, Amazon One, across Whole Foods Market locations. Teaming up with financial giants, Amazon promises unmatched security and convenience.

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🐦 Hottest AI Twitter Posts

AI-powered robots may soon be your kitchen companion.

Facebook's $META Ventures into AI Territory, Takes on ChatGPT-4 with New AI System.

🧰 AI How-To

How to Clone & Use ANYONE's Voice With AI

  1. Select a Voice to Clone: Choose the person whose voice you want to clone, for example, Mr. Beast. Find a source with their voice, like a YouTube interview without background music.

  2. Download the Audio: Copy the YouTube video link. Use a YouTube-to-MP3 converter tool to download the audio as an MP3 file. Ensure the downloaded clip contains only the target person's voice.

  3. Audio Editing: Use a free tool like Audacity. Import the downloaded MP3 file. Edit the audio to extract about 3-5 minutes of the target person's voice, removing any unrelated content.

  4. Save as WAV: Export the edited audio as a WAV file.

  5. Use RVC (Retrieval Based Voice Conversion): Access RVC through a Collab link for running in your browser.

  6. Run Collab Cells: Execute the provided Collab cells sequentially. These cells set up the environment for voice cloning.

  7. Prepare Training Data: Under "Model Inference," select the model name (e.g., "Mr. Beast") from the drop-down. Upload an audio file you want to convert into the cloned voice. Select the appropriate voice type (male or female).

  8. Convert Your Audio: Click "Convert" to transform your audio into the cloned voice. Download Cloned Audio: Once the conversion is complete, click "Download" to save the cloned audio.

  9. Backup Trained Models: To reuse models, ensure you save them to your Google Drive under "My Drive." Use the "Manually Backup Trained Model Files to Google Cloud Disk" cell to achieve this.

  10. Extend Training (Optional): If the initial results aren't satisfactory, extend training by adding more data or increasing training epochs. Load your pre-trained model in the Collab interface and continue training with new data.

🤏 The Curators Pick’s

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