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🐇 Google's AI Revolution & McDonald's AI Fast Food Future

Dive into Google's latest AI breakthrough and McDonald's AI-driven fast food transformation in "The Rabbit Hole.

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Here’s today’s summary:

🌐 Google's Gemini AI: Surpassing Human Expertise
🍟 McDonald's & Google AI: A Fresh Approach to Fast Food
💼 Microsoft-China AI Collaboration Talks
🔥 AMD Challenges Nvidia in AI Arena
🖼️ Meta's Imagine: AI Image Generation Goes Public
🐦 Hottest Tweets
🧰 How to Create a Custom GPT for Data Extraction from Websites
🤏 The Curator’s Picks

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🗞️ Hottest News

1. 🌐 Google's Gemini AI: Surpassing Human Expertise

Google's groundbreaking Gemini AI eclipses GPT-4 and human experts across diverse domains, promising innovation in coding, web development, and beyond.

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2.🍟 McDonald's & Google AI: A Fresh Approach to Fast Food

McDonald's collaboration with Google aims to revolutionize food quality and operational efficiency using generative AI, potentially automating drive-throughs.

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3. 💼 Microsoft-China AI Collaboration Talks

Microsoft's President Brad Smith's meeting with Chinese officials highlights a move towards fostering US-China AI cooperation, impacting global tech relations.

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4. 🔥 AMD Challenges Nvidia in AI Arena

AMD's new products pose a significant challenge to Nvidia's AI market dominance, offering cost-effective and high-performance alternatives.

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5. 🖼️ Meta's Imagine: AI Image Generation Goes Public

Meta's AI-powered Imagine website opens up a world of creative image generation, showcasing the practical utility of AI in visual arts.

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🐦 Hottest AI Twitter Posts

Visual Electric: The Ultimate Image Generator for Creative Minds – Try It for Free!

GPT-4 vs. Gemini LLM: A Fascinating Showdown of AI Language Models

🧰 AI How-To

How to Create a Custom GPT for Data Extraction from Websites

  1. Preparation: Set up a chat with GPT-4. This will be your initial interaction point for data extraction.

  2. Select a Website: Choose the website from which you want to extract data. For example, if you want to scrape data from a web page, visit that page.

  3. Save as PDF: In your web browser (e.g., Chrome or Safari), go to the website's page and save it as a PDF. Ensure that the entire page, including the data you want to extract, is included in the PDF.

  4. Access Chat GPT: Go to Chat GPT and create a new prompt. Your prompt should begin with: "Extract data from the file."

  5. Upload PDF: Upload the PDF file you saved from the website into Chat GPT. Specify the data you want to extract from the first item in the PDF. For example, if it's a list of courses, specify the course name, instructor, ratings, and any other relevant details. Be specific in your instructions.

  6. Repeat for All Items: In your prompt, instruct Chat GPT to extract the same data for all items in the PDF. This ensures that it continues extracting data until it reaches the end of the document.

  7. Add Notes (Optional): Depending on the website's complexity, you can include additional notes in your prompt to guide Chat GPT. These notes can help it understand specific formatting or elements unique to the website.

  8. Initiate Data Extraction: Press enter to execute the prompt. Chat GPT will process the PDF and extract the specified data for all items.

  9. Review Extracted Data: After execution, Chat GPT will display a preview of the extracted data. Verify that the data extraction was successful and accurate.

  10. Export to CSV (Optional): If needed, instruct Chat GPT to put the extracted data into a table and export it as a CSV file. This step is optional but can be useful for further analysis or storage.

  11. Troubleshoot: Be aware of potential issues, such as variations in website layouts or limitations in Chat GPT's capabilities. Experiment with different prompts or approaches if data extraction doesn't work as expected.

  12. Create a Custom GPT (Optional): If you frequently need to extract data from websites, consider creating a custom GPT using the GPT Builder. Provide clear instructions in the configuration to guide the GPT in data extraction.

🤏 The Curators Pick’s

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