🐇 AI Transforms Law & Leads Astronomy Evolution

AI evolves with video crafting and intuitive bots in 2024; English/Welsh courts cautiously integrate AI in judiciary

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🚀 AI's Quantum Leap in 2024
⚖️ Judiciary Embraces AI with Caution
🛠️ CES Unveils AI-Infused Lifestyle
🔒️ McAfee's Mockingbird Targets Deepfakes
🔭 Astronomy's AI-Assisted Frontier
🐦 Hottest Tweets
🧰 How to Use Parameters in DALL-E 3 via ChatGPT

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🗞️ Hottest News

1. 🚀 AI's Quantum Leap in 2024

AI is sprinting beyond text and images in 2024, crafting videos and mimicking human reasoning. This evolution paves the way for multifaceted chatbots and versatile robots, compelling businesses to envision a future of AI-enhanced operations and intuitively automated interactions.

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2. ⚖️ Judiciary Embraces AI with Caution

English and Welsh courts integrate AI for drafting opinions, balancing innovation with caution. Upholding judicial integrity, these systems shy from research and analysis, underscoring the delicate dance between embracing modernity and preserving the sanctity of human oversight.

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3. 🛠️ CES Unveils AI-Infused Lifestyle

At CES 2024, AI takes center stage, embedded within devices to redefine consumer experience. From voice-enabled mirrors to smart pet sitters, industry leaders push boundaries, beckoning us to adapt and thrive amidst an AI-integrated world.

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4. 🔒️ McAfee's Mockingbird Targets Deepfakes

McAfee's Project Mockingbird emerges as a guardian against deepfake voice scams. The AI-driven detection tool serves as a bulwark for consumer trust, guiding businesses to bolster defenses against an evolving threat landscape.

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5. 🔭 Astronomy's AI-Assisted Frontier

The Rubin Observatory's AI capabilities are set to revolutionize astronomy from Chile's peaks. With AI sifting through celestial alerts, we're on the verge of uncovering cosmic mysteries previously beyond our reach, marking a new chapter where AI and human intellect converging illuminate the universe's secrets.

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🐦 Hottest AI Twitter Posts

The NYT vs. OpenAI and Microsoft Lawsuit: Unpacking the Controversy and Sympathies

Volkswagen Drives into the Future: ChatGPT Integrated into Cars and SUVs for Enhanced Conversations

🧰 AI How-To

How to Use Parameters in DALL-E 3 via ChatGPT

  1. Understanding Parameters: Parameters in DALL-E 3 alter image generation settings. For instance, —ar 1:1 creates a square image, while —ar 7:4 and —ar 4:7 produce wide and tall images, respectively.

  2. Initial Image Generation: Start by creating an image with a standard aspect ratio using a prompt like "a gigantic robot statue holding a computer with 'The Rundown' text —ar 1:1". This generates an image with a 1:1 aspect ratio.

  3. Obtaining the Seed ID: After generating the initial image, ask ChatGPT for the seed ID of the image you want to modify. For example, "What's the seed for image [2]?" This step provides you with a unique seed ID for the image.

  4. Modifying the Image: With the seed ID, you can now modify the image. Formulate a prompt including the seed and desired changes, such as "Modify the image with seed [12345]: change aspect ratio to 7:4, add flames". This instructs DALL-E 3 to alter the image according to your specifications.

  5. Review and Adjust: Examine the modified image. If it doesn't meet your expectations, you can further tweak the prompt with different parameters or changes, repeating the process until you achieve the desired result.

  6. Final Outcome: By utilizing the seed and adjusting parameters, you can transform your image in various ways, like changing its aspect ratio or adding new elements, all within the ChatGPT interface.

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