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🌐 SoftBank Shares Soar on AI & Arm Success
🔒️ OpenAI Security Breach Raises Concerns
🧠 Mind-Reading AI Reconstructs Visuals from Brain Activity
🎈 Brazil Halts Meta's AI Data Processing
🏅 China Dominates Global Generative AI Patents
🐦 Hottest Tweets
🧰 How to Make a Website Using Canva

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🗞️ Hottest News

1. 🌐 SoftBank Shares Soar on AI & Arm Success

SoftBank’s shares hit new highs as its Vision Fund recovers and AI investments pay off, especially through its stake in chip designer Arm.

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2. 🔒️ OpenAI Security Breach Raises Concerns

OpenAI experienced a security breach last year, exposing internal messaging but not core AI systems, sparking internal debates on AI risks.

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3. 🧠 Mind-Reading AI Reconstructs Visuals from Brain Activity

Researchers at Radboud University have developed an AI that reads brain activity to recreate precise images of what a subject is viewing.

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4. 🎈 Brazil Halts Meta's AI Data Processing

Brazil temporarily bans Meta from using personal data for AI training, citing privacy concerns and potential risks to vulnerable populations.

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5. 🏅 China Dominates Global Generative AI Patents

China is leading the global race in generative AI patents, filing over 38,000 patents from 2014 to 2023, far outpacing the U.S.

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🐦 Hottest AI Twitter Posts

Introducing Apollo: AI-Generated 3Blue1Brown-Style Videos Visualizing Concepts

Claude Sonnet 3.5 Turns Event Details into Interactive Dashboards in Seconds, Outshining GPT-4o and Others

🧰 AI How-To

How to Make a Website Using Canva

  1. Create a Canva Account:

    • Visit Canva's website and sign up for free using your Google account or email.

    • Once logged in, you'll land on the Canva dashboard.

  2. Choose a Website Design:

    • In the search bar at the top, type "website" to browse different website templates.

    • Filter by categories like business, education, etc., to find a suitable design.

    • Click on a design template you like and then click "Customize" to start editing.

  3. Edit Your Website Content:

    • Click on any text you want to change and replace it with your own content.

    • Adjust text size, font, and style using the options available in the text toolbar.

    • To change images, click on them, then go to "Uploads" to add your own images or use Canva's built-in photo library.

  4. Add Sections to Your Website:

    • Scroll down on the page and click "Add page" to insert new sections.

    • Customize each section by adding text, images, or other elements from Canva's tools.

    • For instance, create a contact section by adding an image, a title, and contact information.

  5. Customize Your Website Design:

    • Upload your logo by deleting the existing one and dragging your logo file onto the page.

    • Resize and reposition elements to fit your design preferences.

    • Use Canva's animation features to animate different elements on your website for visual appeal.

  6. Preview and Modify:

    • Click "Preview" to see how your website looks.

    • Ensure all sections are correctly linked in the navigation menu.

    • Make any necessary adjustments to text, images, or layout based on the preview.

  7. Publish Your Website:

    • Once satisfied with your website, click "Publish" in the top right corner.

    • Choose between using a free domain provided by Canva or using an existing domain.

    • Enter details about your website and customize the URL to your liking.

    • Click "Publish" again to make your website live on the internet.

  8. Review and Update:

    • After publishing, review your website to ensure everything functions as expected.

    • Update content or make changes anytime by logging back into your Canva account and accessing the website editor.

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