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  • 🐇 AI Deepfakes Redefine Fraud & AI Transforms Office Chat

🐇 AI Deepfakes Redefine Fraud & AI Transforms Office Chat

Explore how AI deepfakes are sculpting a new fraud landscape and why 40% of U.S. employees welcome AI in enhancing communication at work.

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🎭 Deepfakes Fuelling Next-Gen Scams
🗨️ Nearly 2 in 5 U.S. Employees See AI as a Communication Booster
📰 AI Chatbots: The New Content Pirates
🎨 A16z Backs Ideogram
🗺️ Alibaba's AI: A Picture Worth a Thousand Words
🐦 Hottest Tweets
🧰 How To Create Video from Text
🤏 The Curator’s Picks

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🗞️ Hottest News

1. 🎭 Deepfakes Fuelling Next-Gen Scams

With deepfakes becoming eerily realistic, scammers are upping their game. The financial sector is raising red flags as artificial voices and AI-generated faces join the fraudster's toolkit. Time for everyone to level up their cybersecurity measures!

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2. 🗨️ Nearly 2 in 5 U.S. Employees See AI as a Communication Booster

According to a recent survey, 40% of American workers welcome generative AI as a promising tool to streamline work communications. From automated email drafting to chatbots, AI is turning into the office assistant you never knew you needed.

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3. 📰 AI Chatbots: The New Content Pirates

Unethical chatbots are highjacking original news stories, causing a crisis of credibility. These AI-operated websites not only challenge journalistic ethics but also rake in ad revenue from major brands. An unsettling trend that raises many eyebrows!

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4. 🎨 A16z Backs Ideogram

Ideogram AI just got a financial boost, attracting $16.5M from big names like Andreessen Horowitz. While it battles rivals like DALL-E, Ideogram is turning heads with its unprecedented text-to-image capabilities. Will this be the future of creative design?

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5. 🗺️ Alibaba's AI: A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

Alibaba is transforming the way we interact with AI, unveiling models capable of understanding images and conducting complex dialogues. As the tech giant gears up for an IPO, its AI initiatives could set a new bar for what machines can understand and interpret.

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🐦 Hottest AI Twitter Posts

Big announcement from OpenAI! Now companies won’t have to worry about OpenAI using their data for training models.

Here are some effective ways of using MidJourney Inpainting Feature:

🧰 AI How-To

How To Create Video from Text

  1. Create a free account: Visit kaiber.ai and sign up for a free account. You'll receive 30 credits that you can use to generate videos.

  2. Access the Kyber AI platform: After signing up, you'll be directed to the Kyber AI platform. Here, you can see your available credits and access various features.

  3. Generate a video: Click on "Generate Video" to begin creating your video. You have the option to upload an initial file or use a text prompt. For this guide, we'll focus on using a text prompt.

  4. Fill in the parameters: Enter a subject or topic for your video prompt. For example, you can use "Poor Man Becoming Wealthy" as your subject. Then, select the style in which you want your video to be rendered. Choose a style that suits your desired visual representation.

  5. Set the settings: Customize the settings for your video generation. Select the aspect ratio, such as 16:9 for a standard YouTube format. Adjust other settings as needed.

  6. Generate the video: Initiate the video generation process. Kaiber AI will create the video based on your text prompt and chosen style. The length of the generated video will depend on your credits and trial limitations.

  7. Upscale the video (optional): To improve the video quality, consider upscaling it to 1080p or 4K. This may require additional credits. Upscaling can enhance the visual experience when downloading the video.

  8. Download the video: Once the video is generated and, if applicable, upscaled, you can download it. Save the video to your device for further use or editing.

  9. Explore additional features: Kaiber AI offers various features, including text-to-image or text-to-video generation. You can review your previously created videos and access other tools within the platform.

🤏 The Curators Pick’s

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