🐇 AI & Crypto Synergy: Future Unveiled

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💡 AI-driven Digital Surge Transforms Markets
🚀 Samsung Accelerates AI Chip Production
🌐 AI & Crypto Synergy: $20 Trillion Impact
⚠️ Generative AI Code Risks Unveiled
🛰️ NASA’s AI Vision for Mars Sustainability
🐦 Hottest Tweets
🧰 How to Make AI Voice Clone YouTube Shorts

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🗞️ Hottest News

1. 💡 AI-driven Digital Surge Transforms Markets

The global pandemic has fast-tracked digital tech adoption, boosting e-commerce and online advertising. Entrepreneurs and marketers must adapt with AI and automation to thrive.

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2. 🚀 Samsung Accelerates AI Chip Production

Samsung’s one-stop service has reduced AI chip production time by 20%. This strategic move positions them strongly in the growing $778 billion chip market.

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3. 🌐 AI & Crypto Synergy: $20 Trillion Impact

The fusion of AI and cryptocurrencies could boost global GDP by $20 trillion by 2030. This powerful alliance is set to revolutionize industries and promote financial inclusion.

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4. ⚠️ Generative AI Code Risks Unveiled

Generative AI tools are aiding coders but can produce flawed and insecure code. While saving time and money, this trend raises concerns about long-term code complexity and costs.

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5. 🛰️ NASA’s AI Vision for Mars Sustainability

At AI Summit London, NASA showcased AI, robotics, and 3D printing as keys to Mars colonization. Innovative tech is essential for real-time data analysis and sustainable human life.

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🐦 Hottest AI Twitter Posts

Elon Musk Fumes as Apple and OpenAI Team Up to Embed ChatGPT in iOS

Overheard on a Plane: Rants About OpenAI's 'ChatGPT' Becoming Generic for AI

🧰 AI How-To

How to Make AI Voice Clone YouTube Shorts

  1. Select Content Type:

    • Choose a niche topic with famous individuals whose voices you can replicate using AI. Opt for subjects with high engagement potential and minimal competition.

  2. Write Script:

    • Find inspiration from TikTok creators discussing similar topics. Look for scripts with high engagement and adapt them to your format. Aim for around 180 words for a 59-second short.

  3. Create AI Voice:

    • Obtain a voice sample from a relevant YouTube video featuring the individual whose voice you want to replicate. Use AI voice cloning tools like 11 Labs to generate the replicated voice.

  4. Edit Video:

    • Cut out any silent moments from the voiceover. Source relevant video clips from TikTok compilations or YouTube related to your script. Ensure clips align with the voiceover content.

  5. Enhance Editing:

    • Blend the original speaker's voice with the AI voice for seamless transitions. Incorporate images to break up video segments. Add subtitles, background music, and transitions for a polished look.

  6. Adjust Volume:

    • Ensure audio levels are sufficiently loud to captivate viewers. Balance background music with voiceover volume to maintain clarity.

  7. Export and Upload:

    • Export the edited short and upload it to YouTube using a pre-existing active channel to avoid algorithm restrictions. Optimize title, description, and settings for visibility and monetization.

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