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  • 🐇 Adobe's Firefly Takes Off & Amazon's AI Wordsmiths Product Listings

🐇 Adobe's Firefly Takes Off & Amazon's AI Wordsmiths Product Listings

Unlock the future of AI with Adobe's revolutionary Firefly and Amazon's game-changing tools for sellers. Plus, the AI realm has so much more to reveal!

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Here’s today’s summary:

🎨 Adobe's Firefly Lights Up Creative Cloud
🛒 Amazon’s AI Crafts Listing Poetry
🎵Stable Audio's AI Answer to Instant Music
👀 RETFound - AI's Diagnostic Lens
📱 AI Underpins Apple's Stealth Upgrades
🐦 Hottest Tweets
🧰 How to make Viral Songs using Suno AI
🤏 The Curator’s Picks

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🗞️ Hottest News

1. 🎨 Adobe's Firefly Lights Up Creative Cloud

After a 160-day beta period, Adobe unveils its AI-enhanced features including Firefly and Express Premium. Users can now manipulate images through text, heralding a change in Creative Cloud's pricing model this November.

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2. 🛒 Amazon’s AI Crafts Listing Poetry

Amazon rolls out AI tools to aid sellers in drafting product listings that sing. While these AI generators can save time and enrich listings, concerns over accuracy loom. eBay and Shopify follow suit with their own versions.

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3. 🎵Stable Audio's AI Answer to Instant Music

Say hello to Stable Audio, Stability AI’s breakthrough for generating high-quality music and sounds in mere seconds. With a free and Pro version, it's the first-ever tool allowing commercial music generation from text prompts.

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4. 👀 RETFound - AI's Diagnostic Lens

The RETFound tool employs self-supervised learning to diagnose and even predict conditions like ocular diseases, heart failure, and Parkinson's based on retinal images. Open for public use, ethical considerations remain a discussion point.

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5. 📱 AI Underpins Apple's Stealth Upgrades

Apple is subtly integrating AI into its iPhones and Watches to bolster basic functionalities like call quality and photography. Though less flashy than competitors, Apple's quiet AI makeover is no less transformative.

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🐦 Hottest AI Twitter Posts

ChatGPT's Remarkable Progress, Reaching New Heights in Excellence

Introducing OpenAI Dublin

🧰 AI How-To

How to make Viral Songs using Suno AI

  1. Access Suno AI: Visit the website "suno.ai."

  2. Join Suno AI Discord: Click on "Try the Beta on Discord." Accept the invite and log in to your Discord account. Join the Suno AI Discord server.

  3. Access Chirp-Alpha Channel: In the Suno AI Discord server, navigate to the "chirp-alpha" channel.

  4. Compose Your Lyrics: Type your desired lyrics into the text box. For example, you can ask ChatGPT to generate lyrics or create your own.

  5. Submit Your Lyrics: Enter "/chirp" and hit Enter to generate the song. Suno AI will ask you to accept its terms if it's your first time.

  6. Wait for Song Generation: Suno AI will begin generating your song.

  7. Listen and Choose: Scroll and locate your generated song. Click the play button to listen to it. You can download the song or explore other versions.

  8. AI-Generated Lyrics: Optionally, tell the AI what your song will be about. The AI will write lyrics based on your idea and generate the song.

🤏 The Curators Pick’s

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